MINI is a truly international car with customers in more than 110 countries around the world. From receiving the thousands of components at the start of production, to the dispatch of complete cars by road and rail, every step is carefully controlled to create an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally considerate process chain.

With around 350 different supplier locations worldwide, the organisation of parts supply to support production at Plant Oxford is vital for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing.  The plant uses a "just-in-time" supply strategy, reducing need for costly stock storage. Similarly, this strategy also reduces the amount of components line-side in the assembly process.

Parts that are not assembled at the plant's logistics centre are manufactured and sequenced in line with specific customer requirements, and are delivered directly to the track-side. Some of Plant Oxford's suppliers are based on-site, assembling their individual parts, and supplying directly to the line. This further reduces stock in the supply chain, and can give an immediate reaction to any changes in production.

Facts and Figures

  • Transporting MINIs by train saves more than 1.4 million lorry miles per year.
  • Over 6000 different parts are supplied to Plant Oxford for the production of MINI.
  • 104 pallets are called to the production line every hour.